Saturday, May 5, 2012

All Natural Face Vegan Shadows in Deep Sea Green, Fairy Mist, Iridescent Blue, Forest Nymph

More of The All Natural Face Vegan Shadows to show you!  Deep Sea Green is a lovely forest green with gold shimmer.  Fairy Mist is a taupe with shimmer.  I can see different colors in the pot but it doesn't really translate on skin, other than a slight gold cast.  Iridescent Blue is a medium blue that leans towards turquoise.  Forest Nympth is a medium green and is similar to Deep Sea Green but softer with slightly less shimmer. 
In shade

In sun

Fairy Mist with Deep Sea Green

All swatches were applied over Too Faced's Shadow Insurance eye primer.  I find that these do last a good 7-9 hours with primer, although they will smear if rubbed.  I've recently become obsessed with taupe eye shadows and Fairy Mist is a nice addition.  The greens are quite wearable shades for me, although I doubt Iridescent Blue will get much use.  I bought these with the idea of using them for nail polish Frankens, but will reserve some for eyeshadows. 
Maggie the Cat
Maggie the Cat loves assisting with photos.  Here she is patiently waiting with me for the sun to come back out.


  1. These look nice. Where does one buy these shadows?

    1. I got mine from http://theallnaturalface.com/. They are only available online, from what I can tell.