Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eminence Rosehip Tonique

I swore by Sea Breeze when I was in high school.  I loved the tingly feeling it gave my skin and considering I needed to wash my skin several times a day because it was so oily, Sea Breeze may have been just what I needed.  I graduated at some point to using a Clinique toner, and then drifted away from toners in general, I can't remember why.

Eminence's Rosehip tonique, which is supposed to calm sensitive skin and balance oily skin, brought me back into the toner fold.  It contains Rosehip Juice to hydrate and improve the appearance of skin while providing antioxidant protection with vitamin C, and Salicylic Acid to help rid dead cells and smooth skin.  Lemon juice tones while removing surface impurities.  I give my face about 3 sprays after cleansing, wait for it to dry and then proceed with the rest of my routine.  I find the light scent and cooling sensation refreshing, and it does not dry out my skin.  My skin still produces plenty of oil, however, so I'm not sure how to evaluate the "balancing oily skin" claim. 

But what exactly is the purpose of a skin toner?  Is it even necessary?  Some say yes, others not really.  In their brochure, Eminence claims that toners are important to balance the natural pH of your skin (as well as infuse the skin with natural vitamins and minerals), but I've also read that your skin should be able to balance itself out.  If anything, I think the addition of antioxidants to combat environmental stress is probably the greatest benefit.  While these may also be included in your sunscreen or moisturizer, a layering approach may help. 

Eminence's Rosehip Tonique is on the pricier end of the range at $38 for 4 oz.  It comes in a spray bottle, which I like, but I've read some reviews where people indicated they used a cotton ball to apply in order to avoid waste. A bottle lasts me a good 8 months or so, and I use it twice a day.

The main appeal of Eminence to me is that they use fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs in their products.  They've also been around since 1958 and are certified organic.  All in all, I find their products to be of high quality and therefore worth the price.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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