Monday, June 16, 2014

Odds and Ends: Cargo 75% off at Ulta, Butter London Haul

Well, I was going to tell you about some deeply discounted Cargo products at Ulta (online only), but when I went back to look for them, nothing is showing up.  Hmmm, not sure if that is a glitch or what, but looks like Ulta will no longer be carrying the Canadian makeup brand Cargo, as everything was deeply discounted at 75% off at ulta.com in the sale section early Sunday morning.  I picked up several items, assuming they honor my purchase.  Weird that no Cargo products are showing up now, unless they all sold out!
Last week I scored quite a few Butter London polishes on sale at Ulta.  The neutral toned Boxing Day Fashion Pack mini's ($17.50, still available) definitely appealed to me, but I also couldn't pass up 3 full sized Butter London's at such a good price ($19.50, sold out, but another set available).  Factor in that a mini Snog is a GWP with any $35 Button London purchase, and I now have 9 new colors.  Not that I need them, but I have 'em.
It's also 3X points for Platinum Rewards members and 2X for regular members, which is always nice.  One hundred rewards points will get you $3.00 off a purchase, and with the double or triple points they can rack up quickly:-)
Boxing Day Fashion Pack


  1. Ulta discontinued Cargo several months ago, but now it's being sold at Kohl's and at Walgreen's that have the expanded cosmetics section with prestige brands

    1. They must have been clearing out remaining products. Or it was a glitch, still not sure. Didn't know about Walgreen's carrying them, thanks!