Monday, June 13, 2016

Tiare Jasmine Tea Perfume Oil and Body Milk by Juara

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
Once the weather starts warming up my fragrance preference shifts towards lighter blends, and white florals with a hint of the exotic seem to dominate. Juara's Tiare Jasmine Tea fits the bill quite nicely.
This exotic fragrance is inspired by the rolling tea plantations of Indonesia at sunrise; cool mountain air and crisp morning dew intertwined with the scent of young jasmine tea blossoms deliver an unmistakeable scent. The heart of the fragrance is built around the Indonesian Tiare Flower and is coupled with delicate Jasmine and Magnolia Petals. Lush, fresh, green nuances of Bamboo and Palm Fronds mix with Violet Petals to create an exotic, crisp, green, floral scent, while a sultry blend of Vanilla, Amber and Musk round out these fragrant flowers.  Source: Juara
I live in a semi-tropical climate (translation: hot/humid with daily afternoon thunderstorms in the summer), which no doubt influences me towards fragrances with tropical notes such as tiare flower, also know as Tahitian gardenia, the flower Polynesian women traditionally tucked behind their ears to signify their romantic availability.
Huge magnolia trees are all over Mobile and during the summer I like to pluck their flowers to keep on my office desk so I can sniff their peppery lemon fragrance throughout the day. The magnolia blended with the tiare and jasmine tempers the sweetness while the bamboo and palm fronds give a milky, sappy quality that feels perfect now that the temps are hitting the 90's and the humidity is sweltering.

I love having the option to layer my fragrance and the Tiare Jasmine Tea Body Milk does a great job of lightly scenting my body while packing an impressive amount of moisture into it's thinner texture.  Looking at the ingredient list helps me see why my skin feels so nice after applying, as it contains a variety of humectants and oils as well as anti-oxidant rich green, white, and black tea.
The body milk ($30) has more of the milky, sappy notes with softer white florals while the perfume oil has a stronger hit of tiare and jasmine.  I can't say that I detect much of the amber, vanilla, and musk base notes listed, as this smells light to me from beginning to end.

The fragrance of the body milk is lighter and quickly becomes a skin scent that requires nose to skin to detect, although I think I tend to go nose blind as I often get compliments on my fragrances after I seem to no longer smell them. The perfume oil ($28) is more concentrated and provides a stronger impact, so layering the two works quite well for a fragrance + soft skin combo.  Quite happy with both of these, and continue to be impressed with Juara's products in general.  You can see my review of their Candlenut Body Creme and Invigorating Coffee Scrub here.

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