Monday, September 11, 2017

Bronzed 'n' Sculpted by Benefit and an Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Pick

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
I recently finished a mini of the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick and liked it so much that I was wavering between buying the full sized or getting another mini, as the full size is a bit pricey at $28. Then I saw this Bronze 'n' Sculpted kit ($17) and since I've never tried the powder version of Hoola, my decision was made.
The set contains mini's of the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick, the Hoola powder bronzer, and the highlight Watt's Up!.  I had a mini of Watt's Up! in the past and did not remember being overly impressed with it, but now I think it must have been dried out, as I really like this one! I'm finding it super creamy and easy to use and it does not disturb my foundation when blending it out.
You get more of Watt's Up! (.08 oz.) than you do the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick (.05 oz), and I can see the highlighter lasting me quite a while. I do burn through the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick pretty quickly, however, which made Ulta's sale during the 21 Days of Beauty appealing. But more on that later.
The powder Hoola is a good color match for my fair skin, and I do like layering the stick Hoola with the powder Hoola. The box size is just big enough (.14 oz.) for me to get my Julep bronzer brush in it, plus you do get a cute brush with the box, although I find it scratchy and will not use it.
The powder Hoola is the first swatch and the stick Hoola is the last swatch.  I like using the stick Hoola to contour with and find it remarkably easy to blend out with my Beauty Blender sponge. Just to be careful to not over blend, as you can blend it completely away. The downside of the stick is that I use it up quickly - probably about 3 weeks of daily use for the mini sized.
Ulta is offering the full size of the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick as a hot buy ($21) during the 21 Days of Beauty sale, so I decided to pick one up. If you are a Platinum member you get free shipping on all hot buys and beauty steals, which is a nice perk.
You do get 6 times the amount (.3 oz) in the full sized Hoola Quickie stick, so hopefully it will last me a while. The bullet did come loose during shipping and it flew out when I opened the container, but fortunately I caught it so did not have any damage. Pressing it gently back into the container fixed the problem, but just be aware that it can come loose.
I can't imagine this would work for those with medium to dark complexions, but it's definitely a good match for my fair complexion. It's warm but does not go orange on me and I think looks very natural on the skin.

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