Friday, December 8, 2017

Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar Day 2: Cédrat Enivrant Soap

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
The first week of my journey through the Atelier Cologne advent calendar has me enjoying some old favorites while also introducing me to some new delights.  Day 1 was a hit with Cafe Tuberosa, and day 2 introduced a mini-sized soap in the scent Cédrat Enivrant. 
I have yet to try this, but I have used a soap from Atelier Cologne before, as I had a full-sized version in the scent Vanille Insensee that I quite enjoyed.  These are luxury soaps and  hefty in size at 7.5 oz., with an equally hefty price of $20.  As described on the Atelier site, each soap is made with traditional French methods and are vegetable-based and enriched with aloe vera and shea butter.  A high concentration of essential oils provide a clean, refreshing and invigorating experience, and I did find that the scent stays true to the very end of the soap. It never got mushy (must be that French-milling process - you can read more about that at What is French Milled Soap?), and lasted forever. 

  • Top notes:  Morrocan cedrat, lime from Mexico, bergamot from Calabria
  • Middle notes: mint from China, basilic from Egypt, Juniper berries from Macedonia
  • Base notes: tonka bean from Brazil, vetiver from Haiti, elemi from Phillippines

The notes in Cédrat Enivrant definitely appeal to me, so I'm anticipating another hit here. The size of these mini-soaps make them perfect for hand washing, and as soon as I finish my current hand soap I'll be trying this one out!

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