Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Julep Tea for Two and Satin Doll Lipsticks

Tea for Two and Satin Doll were two of a trio of mini-lipsticks called New York Jazz that Julep released in May.  I previously reviewed Lady in Red here, and it turned out to be my surprise favorite! 
Tea for Two (top), Satin Doll (bottom)
Tea for Two and Satin Doll are different in formula than Lady in Red, as both are more of a sheer balm compared to Lady in Red's opaque color and creamy texture.  I found Tea for Two and Satin Doll have a more waxy texture, which sometimes translates to patchiness and an emphasis of lip lines. 

Satin Doll is definitely my favorite of these two, and is a sheer poppy red that does look nice on and makes for a natural looking lip.  I do find that I get little skin nubbies (I have no idea was the real name for these would be), even when I've exfoliated my lips prior to applying.  I'm thinking the waxy texture is at least partially at fault. 

Tea for Two is a sheer beige that sadly washes me out.  I've yet to find a beige lipstick that does look good on me, so I'm guessing it's just not meant to be.

There is pink based trio available called Paris Jazz, but it and the New York Jazz are currently showing as sold out on Julep's site.  I'm guessing they will be back in stock at some point, as they were quite the hit in the Maven subscription boxes.  The trio retails for $28, with a discount to $22.40 for those in the Maven program. 
Disclaimer:  I purchased these.


  1. lady in red is still the best out of the three, these two are too sheer
    and i find that sheer lipsticks in general highlight any "skin nubbies"

    1. Yes, these two were underwhelming. I think if they had the same texture as the Lady in Red they would have been better.