Friday, November 11, 2016

Pale to the Chief by OPI: NOTD

Dislcaimer: I purchased this. And there may be ramblings about the election outcome below.
I think it's rather ironic that I wore Pale to the Chief for the past few weeks, in light of our recent election cycle. It wasn't a conscious choice, but more because this pale beauty was the one I was most drawn to out of the Washington DC collection. Plus, I had a meeting scheduled with the top dogs of my organization, and I thought this would be a good "work appropriate" color to wear.  
However, the first day I wore it, the polish peeled completely off my index finger. In one piece, mind you. So, I reapplied using the same base coat (Julep's Oxygen Bonding), and it happened again, the day of my meeting with the top four people of my organization, all white middle aged males, by the way. Obviously, my recollection of the meeting is being shaded by the outcome of the election. The meeting went fine, although I did have some thoughts along the lines of how our society is still so patriarchal in structure. And yes, perhaps I shouldn't have started it by saying "I'm very blunt".  But I am, and I'm not good at pretending otherwise, because I'm also an INTJ female.
At the end of the day I preceded to peel off all the polish from the remaining 9 fingers. Clearly, something was wrong. Kind of like this week, if nail polish could ever be compared to, I don't know, the outcome of the election? Which of course, it can't.
I reapplied with no base coat for round two three, because I didn't have any other brand to use. This time Pale to the Chief wore beautifully, and what you see in the pictures is after 5 days of wear. If only all problems had such easy solutions. But, they usually don't. I'm sure my natural optimism will reassert itself at some point, but right now? I'm sad, and I'm not sure I'll be watching anything other than DVDs in the near future. I think I'll start with Detectorists.

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