Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lipstick Roulette v. 6: What I'm Keeping and What I'm Tossing

Time to review the 7 lip items I randomly selected for v. 6 of my Lipstick Roulette series and see what I'm keeping and what I'm tossing! If you are not familiar with this concept, I learned about it from Elle S on YouTube, and it's where you rotate through your collection with the ultimate goal of decluttering the items that are no longer working for you. I'm finding it quite useful, as I'm revisiting lots of items that have been languishing untouched for quite a while.
  1. True Love Lipsurgence Lip Gloss by Tarte
  2. All Gold E'rything Be Legendary Lip Gloss by Smashbox (LE, discontinued)
  3. Bold Blush 420 Pop Balm by L'Oreal
  4. 523 Flash Lacquer by Giorgio Armani Beauty
  5. Venezia Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by stila
  6. Miami Lipstick by Buxom (discontinued)
  7. Julie Lip Gloss by Buxom 
True Love
I acquired True Love ($19) by Tarte in a FabFitFun box if I remember correctly, and it's a sheer but nicely pigmented watermelon gloss with shimmer. I like the formula, as it's glossy without being too sticky, and wears comfortably for a good 2-3 hours. True Love is similar to the Armani 523 Lip Lacquer - perhaps not as a glossy. The shimmer is not super obvious but does make it slightly different than 523, and it's a keeper.
All Gold E'rything
All Gold E'rything over Toujours Heureux by Paul & Joe Beaute
All Gold E'rything is a gold shimmer gloss from the Santigolden Age collection from Smashbox, circa 2014. It works best as a topper over lipstick, as on it's own it does not supply much color. I don't have many gold shimmer lip toppers and I like it, so I will be keeping this one.
Bold Blush
Bold Blush with Julie by Buxom
The L'Oreal Pop Balm in Bold Blush (~$6) is a product that looks only so so on it's own, so I typically top it with a gloss. That seems to smooth out the color better, which has a tendency to gather in my lip lines otherwise. Once it's smoothed out with a gloss it's quite pretty, so it gets to stay :-)

523 Flash Lacquer
I think the Giorgio Armani Lip Lacquer in 523 ($32) is stunning with it's juicy watermelon pink glossiness. It has enough color to wear on it's own, although I imagine it could take lipsticks to another level as well. Definitely a keeper.
Venezia Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by Stila ($22) is a neon bright orange red that definitely makes a statement. I quite like it, although I wasn't crazy about it with the darker eye above. I think a natural eye look with Venezia would be a great hot weather look, and I will be keeping it. The formula was relatively comfortable for a matte liquid lipstick and my lips were none the worse for the wear.
Miami is a discontinued matte lipstick by Buxom, and it's my kind of color. I loved how it looked when freshly applied, but after only a few hours of wear it was a hot mess of patchy, blotchy, faded color. Perhaps it's past it's prime, as it is several years old, and it's getting tossed.
Julie over Nudite lip pencil (Le Metier de Beaute)
Julie by Buxom is a sheer peachy gloss, and I think the one I have is an older version as the current Julie gloss is described as a juicy watermelon and is a vibrant pink.  My version is rather nondescript and works best over lipsticks, and I've paired it with the Nudite lip pencil from Le Metier de Beaute above. I do love the Buxom gloss formula so will be hanging on to Julie, as it is still good despite its age. So, out of these seven items I'm only tossing one!

Now, here are the seven new items I randomly selected for v. 7 of Lipstick Roulette.
  1. Blanche by Buxom (discontinued)
  2. Crowd Pleaser Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss by bareMinerals
  3. Passion Fruit Luminous Gloss by Chantecaille
  4. Glazed Berry Different Lipstick by Clinique (field casualty)
  5. Scarlet Blaze Color Design Lipstick by Lancome (field casualty)
  6. Sahara Hydra Creme Lipstick by Le Metier de Beaute
  7. Palm Beach by Cargo Cosmetics
  8. Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip Cream by nyx
  9. 400 Lip Maestro by Giorgio Armani
I accidently knocked the table while taking pictures, and Glazed Berry and Scarlet Blaze fell into the dirt. I'm pretty sure I would have tossed both anyhow, although I wore Scarlet Blaze yesterday topped with Blanche and it looked quite pretty, so that one might have made the cut. Sadly, it's now a casualty of my clumsiness. C'est la vie, between the mosquitoes, high humidity that fogs my camera as soon as I step outside, and now this, it's always something :-)
Scarlet Blaze topped with Blanche

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