Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nail Polish Storage Reorganization

I'm not the best housekeeper in the world, I admit it.  I can live in a certain amount of clutter, but I do have a threshold, that once's it's exceeded, causes me to spring into action.  I must have hit that threshold, as I decided to tackle my laundry room, which has slowly accumulated items for a yard sale that keeps getting pushed to the next cool weather season.
I store lots of linens in there, and it's also where I store my nail polishes.  They've grown to the point where I was having difficulty seeing what I have.  Some of these polishes have traveled with me from Boston to Chapel Hill to Mobile, dating back 15 years or so.  Many more are new.
So, that's the before - don't judge me.  Or do, but don't tell me about it, cause I'm aware:-)  Fortunately, my laundry room has some nice built in shelves that I decided to use as my polish display area, once I cleaned up the clutter.  Now, I get to look at pretty colors while I'm ironing in the morning.
Polishes are arranged roughly by color family, except for the Julep polishes, as they line up so nicely against the wall.  I've left most of the mini polishes in their original boxes, as rarely do they mark the bottles with names.
Polish count:  286 and growing.  It's a good thing polishes don't tend to go bad on me.  How do you store your polishes - by color, by brand, hodge podge? 

Nothing to disclose.


  1. that's nice! I just have them in two moderately sized boxes, hmm I would love to have a shelf too :/

    1. I used to have mine in boxes, and realized (1) I had no idea how many I really had, and (2) they weren't getting used because 'out of sight, out of mind'.

      The biggest surprise was how many variations of cream colored polishes I had. I went through a phase where that's the only color I wore.

  2. I love the way you organized these. I don't have very much space in my room/house. I love the shelves as that way I could go up high instead of out to the sides. Kinda like how in NYC they build up instead of expanding on the ground!

    1. Yes! Plus, the nice thing about shelves is that there are so many different ways you can work them into your decor. I'm fortunate that these were already built in.