Thursday, February 12, 2015

Josie Maran Hand Healers Set: Bare Naked Nail Wipes and Be Spirited Sweet Citrus Hand Cream

The Argan Hand Helpers set was a Black Friday $10 deal at Sephora, one of about 5 different deals that I picked up that day.  I wasn't really expecting much from the Bare Naked Nail Wipes, but figured the Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream would make up for any deficiencies.  Well guess what?  I really liked the nail wipes more!
The nail wipes are not without their detractions, mainly that it takes a little elbow grease and lots of rubbing to remove your polish.  It took a total of 4 to remove polish from both hands, but get this:  they even worked on removing glitter top coats, which is no easy feat.  Plus, they really did feel moisturizing to my cuticles and are acetone free. 
Strangely, the pads feel rather dry and each time I would think "no way is this going to work", and then they would.  Considering I had to use two for each hand, that breaks down to about $1.60- $1.80 per use, as they are $9 for 20 wipes or $16 for 40 wipes .   A bit too expensive, IMO, although I did like them.
The Be Spirited Sweet Citrus Hand Cream does not appear to be available anymore, and indeed the Whipped Argan Hand Creams all say unavailable at the moment.  I thought it was an average hand cream, lightly moisturizing and with a soft, pleasant scent.  Nothing that made a distinct impression, however, and maybe it would be better for warm weather or daytime use.  I prefer a heavier hand cream for night time, which is when I've been using it, so I should probably switch it to my purse.   My impression might be more favorable then :-)

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