Monday, October 12, 2015

NARS Cruella and Rikugien Lip Pencils

I think Sephora's 2015 birthday gift of NARS lip pencils will actually get some some use by me as opposed to languishing in neglected makeup land.  These are niiiiice.  Let's take a look.
Cruella is a classic vampy matte red with pigment that goes on for years.  It was also surprisingly comfortable for a matte and did not make my lips feel parched or uncomfortable.  I usually apply a smidgeon of lip balm underneath to help combat dryness, but I probably could have foregone that and still have been okay.
I wore Cruella on my birthday and was surprised at how light it felt for such an intense color.  I had no migration issues and it wore well.  Bonus:  it does stain so my lips had color even a lunch of Thai salad/soup/chicken pad thai.  Yum.
Rikugien is the satin version lip pencil and its a soft rose pink shimmer.  I wore this to an official function at the university I work at.  Typically, I try to wear understated makeup for such occasions, and Rikugien was a perfect complement for the outdoor event.
Rikugien's shimmer is not enough to look frosty, just enough to keep it from looking flat and give a bit of oomph to the lips.
Rikugien was not as long lasting as Cruella, but it did wear comfortably and my lips were not screaming for more moisture.  I can see this becoming a work staple for when I want quick color without having to worry about precision application.
I'm on week two of my vacation/staycation and this week involves no work related responsibilities, so it really feels like vacation now.  That should mean more regular posting to the blog and catching up on house/yard related things. Exciting, I know :-)

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