Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yogi Surprise Jewelry Subscription Box: Connecting with Nature

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
April's Yogi Surprise jewelry subscription box celebrates the transitional season of rebirth and renewal, or what we typically call spring. I'm on the second week of my spring staycation, where I try to get my yard under control while also relaxing and enjoying that brief period of warm days, cool nights, and low humidity before Mobile's hot and humid summer commences.
The Brown Jasper and African turquoise meditation bracelet ($35) is gorgeous with it's mixture of earth tones. I'm not sure about that tassel, but I'll give it a go. Brown Jasper is known as a quintessential Earth stone and is deeply connected to the planet as "home", engendering security, protection, nurturing, and healing (source). It also cleanses the physical and emotional body of toxins and negative thought forms, which seems appropriate for the season of rebirth.  
African Turquoise is actually another form of jasper from Africa that is often dyed to resemble turquoise. It can help open you to new ideas and possibilities and make it easier to incorporate positive changes into your life.  I keep intending to create more calming and stress relieving practices into my life, but I can't say I've done it successfully or consistently yet. I'm going to keep trying, however.
April also saw the first earrings ($18) from Yogi Surprise, and these are some I can definitely see myself wearing. The metal is brass and the stones are red onyx and yellow jade. Together these are supposed to promote stability, strength, and growth towards positive change.
The chocolate offering this month is from Raaka and is a Pink Sea Salt dark chocolate bar ($8) sourced from the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. Chocolate is now being described much like wine, and this one has "sparkling citrus notes with warm hints of berry".
I'm not sure my palette is sophisticated enough to pick up these flavor nuances, but it is a good dark chocolate. I love salt combined with chocolate, so it's a winner for me.
Spiderwort: pretty until it gets out of control
I'll leave you with a few recent pics of nature from my jungle yard. There were a times this week when I was cursing the overgrowth and thorny vines that multiply faster than I can cut them, but I love having a large yard.
Not too happy about the snakes (I see a few each year, usually from a distance), but as long as they leave the dogs and me alone, I'm live and let live. I guess this is a time of rebirth for them as well.
Maggie enjoying the spring weather

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