Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Julep April Maven: Be Bright

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Julep's color palette for April features bright pops of vivid sheer polish over white. To that end, each box received the bright white Brigette as a bonus polish, and I chose the watermelon hued Kimball as it's companion.
I love jelly finish polishes (Julep is using the "vivid sheer" moniker for this particular collection), but I've never layered them over a white polish. Interestingly, it does amp up the color quite a bit.  Perfect for sping, IMO.
This is two coats of Kimball over one coat of Brigette with Julep's Oxygen base and top coats. Turns out top coat was a must, as I experienced little air bubbles that only disappeared once I applied top coat.
The new non-polish options this month were the Detoxifying Cleansing Stick ($28) and the Kaolin Clay konjac sponge ($12).  The Detoxifying Cleansing Stick intrigued me, being the first of it's kind I've tried.
This solid cleanser features rice bran oil for cleansing and pomegranate enzymes for exfoliation - or at least those are the 2 ingredients featured for marketing purposes from the many in the ingredient list .

The instructions say to apply to wet hands and then rub all over your face.  It is low on the sudsing scale, but did leave my skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.  I'll use it as step two of my cleansing routine, with a cleansing oil going first to remove makeup.
I've forgotten to put the cap back on twice now, but the cleanser did not harden beyond it's original semi-hard consistency or seem worse for the exposure.  I think this will be a perfect travel option given it's packaging and consistency.  I also like applying it directly to a konjac sponge for a gentle but thorough cleansing.
I haven't tried the Kaolin Clay konjac sponge yet, as I've got one of Julep's charcoal konjac's in use right now.  Glad to try another variety and look forward to the upcoming green tea version as well.
I paid $19.99 for my April box and received $68 worth of product, and I continue to be impressed with Julep's recent skincare products!

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