Sunday, February 26, 2017

#365 Days of Samples: Week 1

Sorry for the lack of posts the last two weeks!  I've been crazy busy with boring important work stuff. However, I've still been taking pictures and have plenty of stuff to post, beginning with the start of a new series called #365 Days of Samples. I learned about this from watching Elle S on YouTube, who as far as I can tell, started this series. It's a fairly simple premise: use up 365 samples in 365 days. I'm sure the execution will be a bit more difficult :-)
To get ready for this series, I had to put all of my samples in one pot. That was eye opening, to say the least. I've had them scattered around, organized into different categories (skin care, hair care, body care, etc.), but putting them all in one location gives me a much more accurate picture of how OUT OF CONTROL this situation really is.
Clearly, I've accumulated a lot of foil and deluxe sized samples. I don't know how many samples are in the box, but it's well over 365, which is crazy.
So, each week, I'll randomly (eyes closed) select 7 samples I'll use for the week. Each Sunday (or Monday), I'll post a review of the samples used and select 7 new ones. If I don't finish a sample in a given week, it will carry over until I do. Some other ground rules include: I'll use a perfume sample 3 times minimum to give it a fair shot, but if I hate it, I don't have to finish it. I'm not going to force myself to use up products that I hate, but one time usage is rarely enough to form a fair opinion of anything. If a product has already gone bad (some of these have been sitting around for a while), I'll chose another one.
I deliberately chose foil samples for the first week so that I would not be overwhelmed, but blind selection gives that special element of surprise. So, it figures that I chose 4 (four!) hair care samples for week one. I'm guessing I will be carrying some of these over before I can finish them.
  1. Petite Cherie by Anouk Goutal perfume vial sample
  2. DHC After Bath Hair Treatment 
  3. Keratase Resistance Vita Cemont Topseal hair reconstructing milk
  4. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day styling treatment
  5. Phyto Express Condition
  6. GlamGlow Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment
  7. L'Occitane Divine Cream
This is a start, at least. 

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