Thursday, February 2, 2017

NOTD: Rising Spirit by SpaRitual

 Lady Luck smiled on me twice in January when it came to winning beauty products in some blog giveaways, and today I have a new polish from SpaRitual to show you as a result.

Beauty Undercover partnered with SpaRitual to offer 30 readers their choice of one of the four polishes from their Vegan GOLD collection "Rise", plus a bottle of their new flexible topcoat. I chose the soft gold shimmer Rising Spirit, and it's a beauty.
This new polish formula has quite a few claims behind it, such as: applying 75% faster yet removing 85% faster than gels, drying 60% faster than a traditional manicure and containing a smudge-repair technology that is both self-leveling and correcting. Sounds kind miraculous, doesn't it? At least when it comes to nail polishes.  
I'm on day 4 of wear and so far I have no chipping and minimal tip wear, even after bathing Lulu, which requires 3 separate sudsings with a medicated shampoo. The polish did dry relatively fast but I still managed to ding and smudge two nails on my right hand. I was impatient and decided I wanted to make breakfast not long after I painted them, so my bad.
Overall I'm happy with Rising Spirit and the topcoat, so thank you to Beauty Undercover and SpaRitual for the giveaway!  On another note, the tulip trees are in full bloom here in Mobile, and the azaleas as starting to bloom.  I guess we are in for an early spring this year, which I have mixed emotions about. It's 76 degrees outside today, so I'm hoping for at least a few weeks of cooler weather before the heat and humidity starts their unrelenting onslaught. We shall see, as February is usually the coldest month in this area.

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