Monday, June 19, 2017

Lipstick Roulette v.5: What I'm Keeping and What I'm Tossing

Here are the lip items I randomly selected for volume 5 of my Lipstick Roulette series, which is helping me revisit items in my collection and decide which ones I want to keep or toss. I can't claim the concept as my own, as I learned about it from a YouTuber named Elle S. If I have full reviews on the items shown below, I will post links.
  1. Stellar Show Off Lip Lacquer by Rimmel
  2. Rose On and On Color Caresse Wet Shine Stain by L'Oreal
  3. Sunset Beautiful Color Lip Gloss by Elizabeth Arden
  4. 022 Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain by Mirenesse
  5. Sukriya Color Lip Balm by nyx
  6. Coral Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer by Smashbox
  7. Candy Apple Colorburst Lip Butter by Revlon
Stellar Lip Lacquer by Rimmel
I remember when the Lip Lacquers by Rimmel came out approximately 4 years ago, as they created quite the buzz. I purchased two, the peachy Luna and the bold poppy/pink red Stellar. I decluttered Luna a while back, but I think Stellar is a lovely pop of opaque color that wears nicely, so I'll be hanging onto this.
Rose On and On Wet Shine Stain
Rose On and On by L'Oreal goes back a good 3.5 years, and I'm not sure it's distinctive enough from a regular gloss that I would want to hand onto it. Nope, I don't, so it's getting tossed. 
Sukriya Color Lip Balm
The Sukriya Color Lip Balm by nyx packs some nice pigment for a lip balm and I like the formula enough to keep it around, so it's staying.
Coral Lip Lacquer + Sunset Lip Gloss
The Coral Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer by Smashbox is a nice liquid lipstick formula, and I like the color so it's a keeper.  Here I topped it with the Sunset Lip Gloss by Elizabeth Arden, which has a very faint shimmer to it. It's not distinctive enough for me to keep around, so the gloss is getting tossed.  
022 Lacquer Stain
The Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain was from a Hautelook beauty bag, and I can't say I'm a fan of  the formula. It's a bit too goopy/thick and just not flattering to my lips, so it's getting tossed. 
Candy Apple Red Lip Butter
Gosh, more than a few of the lip products from this go around are really pushing the expiration limits age wise, although none of the formula's smell 'off', which is what I go by. Candy Apple Red Lip Butter by Revlon is actually five years old, my how time flies.  I still like it and it seems fine, so it's staying :-) So, that means I'm tossing 3 items and keeping 4, which is progress. Now, let's see the items I chose for the v. 6 of Lipstick Roulette!
  1. True Love Lipsurgence Lip Gloss by Tarte
  2. All Gold E'rything Be Legendary Lip Gloss by Smashbox
  3. Bold Blush 420 Pop Balm by L'Oreal
  4. 523 Flash Lacquer by Giorgio Armani Beauty
  5. Venezia Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by stila
  6. Miami Lipstick by Buxom (discontinued)
  7. Julie Lip Gloss by Buxom 

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