Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Diorskin Nude BB Creme in Fair: Sample Series v. 4

Disclaimer:  Sample received with purchase
I don't know if I'm over the whole BB cream phase or not, but I do know I didn't have particularly high expectations of the Diorskin Nude BB creme sample that I received recently from Sephora.  Perhaps it's because I'm skeptical of non-Asian BB creams, as by and large they just haven't stacked up to the Korean brands I've tried.  So, count me pleasantly surprised when I liked this one!
Let me make some disclaimers:  I've got really oily skin, so am not keen at all on anything with a dewy finish.  I also need medium coverage, as my skin is far from perfect.  SPF is not that high on my list of priorities (Diorskin is SPF10), as I use a moisturizer with SPF25.  Factoring in those things, Diorskin Nude worked really well for me for the three days the sample lasted.
Diorskin Nude 002 (Fair)
The finish is matte, my pores were not emphasized, and the coverage was good enough to cover most of my many imperfections without getting cakey or too obvious.  The color did not oxidize on me, and wear time was about 7-8 hours before I started noticing breakdown.  All good, except for the price.  I just don't see myself paying $44 for a 1 oz. container. 
Interesting tidbit that I'm noticing with more than a few of the foundations that seem to work best for me (this one, L'Oreal's Magic Skin):  they all contain alcohol.  There are more than a few that believe alcohol damages your skin over the long term, as it causes dryness and free-radical damage, thus impairing the skin's ability to heal.  The dryness part is actually a boon for my oily skin, but I'm concerned about the free-radical damage part.  Perhaps it's a good thing that Diorskin is out of the price range I want to pay.
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Another observation:  Wearing red lipstick and taking photos in my office = a ghostly pale complexion.  Such a difference in tone between outside and indoors, but I'm wearing Diorskin 002 in both. 

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