Thursday, November 28, 2013

November Birchbox: More Good

I'm still not in the holiday frame of mind, although Thanksgiving is today and Christmas an eye blink away.  Perhaps it's because it seems like summer just ended, which happens when temps in the mid 70's are still occurring.  Regardless, Birchbox is helping me to reframe my mindset by emphasizing abundance in all it's forms, as well as giving back.  Featuring beauty items from their favorite charitable brands, I received:
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil (full size, $18):  This face illuminator in pencil form can be applied in 10 different ways, but I've mainly been using it as to lessen the redness along my upper lip line and along the bridge of my nose.  Check out the video to see all the ways it can be used - quite impressive!
Next is a charcoal gray metallic/frost polish called Dark'N Stormy from Color Club.  Always nice to receive a polish, and the mini bottle is worth $4.
The hair product this month is one I already have, called It's a 10.  This leave in hair serum is supposed to repair dry, damaged hair, add shine, detangle, control frizz, seal and protect hair color, prevent split ends, stop hair breakage, create silkiness, enhance natural body, and protect from heat.  I admit I haven't really used the one I already have (hair product overload), but this seems to get great reviews so I need to remedy that.  The deluxe sample size I received is worth $10.
Femme is a 100 % natural body lotion featuring artisanal French fragrances from Tiossan Dakar.  Ten percent of proceeds from their products go towards creating innovative schools in Senegal.  More good:-).
Femme is a floral bouquet on a bed of amber, sprinkled with a dash of Ylang-Ylang for a heady and ambiguous fragrance that restores a personal sense of calm, balance and femininity.
Top Notes: Ylang-Ylang, Rose
Heart Notes: Lilly of the Valley, Jasmine, a touch of Tuberose
Base Notes: Cedar, Amber, White musk.
I found the fragrance to be very light, so it's something I would probably layer with other fragrances.  Personally, I like that, as I always put on lotion after a shower but usually want to wear one of my perfume oils as well.  Sample value is about $1.50.
The extra this month was an uber delicious chocolate from Chuao in Orange-a-go-go:  Candied orange harmonizes with the essence of bergamot orange in dark chocolate.  I need to investigate this brand some more.  Seriously.

So, not counting the extra, the value of November's box was $33.50.  Hope those that celebrate are having a lovely Thanksgiving, and that "more good" comes to everyone!

P.S. I woke up this morning to 20 degree weather.  I don't know how those who live in cold weather climates do it - hats off to you!


  1. Oooh the highlighter is interesting!! I am in need of something like that!