Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara by Elizabeth Arden: Ocean Blue and Black

Blue mascara.  While not something I reach for everyday, I've definitely got a soft spot for it.  So, when I saw Ocean Blue was part of Elizabeth Arden's (EA) spring Beautiful Color collection, in my basket it went.  What I didn't realize is that it's got something a little different going on that makes it unique from the other blue mascaras I've tried.
Housed in a shiny gold rectangular container, the Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara ($24) is new to the EA line.  Featuring a tri-peptide enhanced formula designed to protect and enhance lashes with continued use, it is supposed to be a clump free, flake free formula that enhances lash length, density and curl.  I also received a deluxe sample in black, so I'll be showing both Ocean Blue and Black today.
Can you tell what makes Ocean Blue different yet?  There are little flecks of mica in the mascara that give it some sparkle and shine!  The downside of the flecks was a bit of clumping, although nothing too terrible, and I like the overall effect. 
Ocean Blue Lash Enhancing Mascara
I've been wearing the black version of this mascara for the past few weeks, and my final verdict is - I really like it!  At first I thought it looked rather dry in the tube, but it applies easily and makes for a very natural eyelash look:  my lashes are darkened, defined, and lengthened.  I notice some slight smudging along my lower lash line at the end of the day, but with my oily skin that's not unusual.
Given that  I was not impressed with a previous EA mascara that I received in a GWP, these Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing mascaras are a pleasant surprise!  Ocean Blue is limited edition, with Black and Black Brown as the permanent colors in the collection.
Black Lash Enhancing Mascara
Factor in the Ceramide Cream Blush in Nectar that I recently reviewed and a few other items I've yet to post about,  my overall impression of Elizabeth Arden's cosmetics is moving firmly into the smiley faced category :-)

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