Thursday, September 25, 2014

Graphic Expression Face and Blush Powder Palette by Clarins

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.  Links provided for convenience only.
When form and function come together, it's a beautiful thing.  I've admired Clarins' lovely face powders in the past for this esthetic appeal, what with the lovely designs and colors.  So, when Clarins recently enticed me with a $20 off purchase coupon (with no minimum price purchase, even), I decided it was time to pick up Graphic Expressions.

First impressions are important, and Clarin's brings it with the ruby red coverlet over the shiny gold compact.  Lots of visual appeal here, both inside and out.
The gold overspray brushes off with easily and you are left with a demi-matte combo of apricot/rose/tan that blends together for a warm flush.  Of all the face powders currently on Clarins, this one looked versatile enough to work as both a blush and face powder, and it does. 
Swirling all the colors together produces more color than you would assume give the predominance of beiges and tans in the palette.  However, there is enough width of the tan colors to use those as a soft contour or all over face powder.  I love that the finish is not flat at all.
Graphic Expressions, part of the limited edition 2013 Fall collection, is currently on sale for $24.50 at Clarin's.   With my coupon I paid $4.50 plus shipping, so the bargain shopper in me is very satisfied, Even better, however, is that I will use this a lot!

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