Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick in Red No. 30

Disclaimer:  I won this in a giveaway.
I've got to admit that I was not aware there were some Star Wars: The Force Awakens themed lipsticks available from CoverGirl until I won one in a smorgasbord giveaway from Unboxing Beauty recently.  I'm not sure knowing would have led me to go out and purchase them, but I've got to admit I've been enjoying the red metallic lipstick No. 30 more than I thought I would.
(Photo: Marina Maher Communications)
There were originally 6 of these limited edition lipsticks, each matched to a Star Wars inspired beauty look.  All were metallic/frosts, and the red is probably one of the more wearable of the bunch, based on pictures I've seen.  I personally like a good metallic lip, although they can be a bit tricky.
This one doesn't veer too much into obvious frost territory, although there are definitely shimmer bits in the mix. Nothing that felt too gritty to me, however, and if you want to soften the look a good balm such as By Terry's Baume de Rose will go a long way. That stuff can rescue almost any lipstick, seriously.
Colorlicious Lipstick No. 30 

Colorlicious Lipstick #30 stopped with Baume de Rose By Terry
The formula on Red No. 30 is actually pretty comfortable to wear, and indeed it has some moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, avocado/coconut oils, and aloe leaf extract that no doubt help to keep lips feeling good. Looks like the Covergirl Star Wars items are mainly available via Amazon or ebay these days, and I'm happy to have fortuitously added this to my collection!

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