Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fortune Cookie 2016 Halloween Soap Box: I Put a Spell on You!

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
Way back in August Fortune Cookie Soap offered a pre-order on their Halloween box, and I bit. I'll admit I've never watched Hocus Pocus, which probably lessens the impact of the names of the items. I've also never tried any of Fortunue Cookie Soaps' boxes, but was quite curious to see what they are all about.  So, here are the goodies!
I've put the prices next to each item, although the scents in the Halloween box were limited edition and exclusive to the box, but other scents are available in each category. To start with, I'm really liking the color, smell, and texture of the Good Zombie Aloe Me Body Whip ($12.99).
Good Zombie is supposed to smell like white chocolate dipped candied apples rolled in marshmellow cream and drizzled with melted butterscotch. I mainly smell the apple, but this does have some good staying power and feels quite nice on the skin.
Next is probably the biggest disappointment for me, as I love a good perfume oil. I Put a Smell on You ($7.99) has notes of cotton candy, sugar, and dragon's blood. The scent is pleasant enough but has little to no staying power.  Now you smell it, now you don't :-( I do like the melted wax stopper. I'm probably spoiled by my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils, which are my gold standard. To be fair, they also cost triple the amount.  I'll give this one a try in the oil burner.
The one Fortune Cookie Soap product I've tried before is an OCD hand sanitizer ($2.89), and Sistas is a light fruity blend of passion fruit, guava nectar, and pink bubblegum. What's with all the fruity scents at Halloween? Is that a Hocus Pocus thing? Regardless, it's the time of year when hand sanitizer becomes more important to me, so I'll be bringing it to work with me. BTW, did you get your flu shot?
Oh, Booook! is the Fortune Cookie shaped soap ($3.99) with an adorable eye. Again with the bubblegum, although this also features notes of black cherries. It smells good.
Amok! Amok! Amok! is a foaming sugar scrub ($11.75) and I really like it!  I love sugar scrub soaps, especially to use on my hands in the mornings after applying makeup. It smells delicious with notes of caramel corn, crunchy buttercream, and red apples.
The Bubble Bubble I'm in Trouble bath bomb (~$7?) comes in a cute little black cauldron. I haven't unwrapped mine yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it out with I dog sit for my mom this weekend. The limoncello and sour candy scent definitely sounds invigorating.
Is it weird that I get excited about natural deodorants? I've recently (like this past weekend) started making my own, but Salem ($12.99) with it's cucumber/canteloupe + cotton candy scent will definitely get used. The gel consistency works quite well in this roll up form, as the last natural roll up deodorant I tried was a bit crumbly.
Last up is Master, an exfoliating body wash ($12.99) with notes of gummy raspberries, candied pineapples, watermelon, and cotton candy. There are real strawberry seeds in this, and the light foaming action was pleasant. I like it.
Any exfoliating action must come from the other ingredients, however, as the strawberry seeds give no texture to speak of.
The total value of the box is $72.59 and I paid $49.99.  I love "surprise" boxes and there is definitely a nice variety of items here. While the perfume oil let me down, I think I'll enjoy and use everything else! Now, I should probably rent Hocus Pocus so that I can better appreciate the names on these.

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