Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tarteist Pro Wild Animal Custom Magnetic Palette

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
My birthday was last week and I took advantage of several discount codes to pick up some items that appealed to me.  With all the holiday sets coming out there is an abundance to chose from, but I'm trying to chose judiciously and not go overboard (not always successfully). I used a 20% off code and chose two items from Tarte, and today I'll be showing you the new Wild Animal custom magnetic palette ($17). It's a beauty.
This medium sized palette has a nice heft to it and feels solid in construction. The cover is a heavy textured plastic that will not show smudges/fingerprints and I like that there is also a mirror inside. The palette is made in China but the quality seems high, with no skimping as far as I can tell.
I no longer mind depotting items and find that I've been using shadows I've depotted more regularly then when they were scattered in different palettes. I decided to put some of my Estee Lauder blushes from the Color Portfolio palettes in this one, as well as a few of my Tarte Amazonian clay blushes.  Pink Kiss is a little worse for the wear as it was the first one I depotted, but the others came out pretty good.
I believe these are limited edition and you can only purchase one per transaction. I'm tempted to get another one before they sell out!

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