Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mermaid Multipurpose Brush Set Review

Disclaimer: I purchased these.
You know when you want something really expensive yet you are apprehensive about spending so much money on something that you may not even like once you try it? Well, that's how I was feeling about the Artis brushes. I came so close to purchasing one or two during the recent spaceNK 20% off sale, but decided to restrain myself after reading multiple reviews online. I instead decided to buy a set of "mermaid" brushes, which are essentially inexpensive versions of the Artis brushes to see if I liked them or not. I've been using these daily for over a month now, so it's time for my review!
First off, the #7 brush from Artis I was considering is $60, and the 10 set of Artis brushes will set you back $395. There are various knock-off sets available and I chose this one from Amazon. The price is slightly cheaper now, but I paid $38.28 with shipping for the set and it arrived on September 10th, just 7 days after ordering.
Along with the distinctive "spoon" design, these are densely packed synthetic brushes which are supposed to give you a flawless makeup finish.  You apply foundation with long stroking motions and because the brushes are so densely packed, they do not absorb much of the makeup.
I've got to say that I love these for applying cream or liquid foundations! They give an airbrushed finish in a snap, as the size of the brush spreads the foundation quickly and smoothly. The bristles are very soft and I do not feel like my skin is unduly tugged nor irritated, and I rather enjoy the experience. Less truly is more when it comes to the amount of foundation used with these brushes, which is another nice benefit.
Mermaid brush #1
I use the largest brush #1 for foundation, and #2 to apply primer or other liquids such as my Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge, which I use prior to applying foundation. You can even use these to apply skincare products, although I haven't gone that far. The smaller oval brushes can be used to apply bronzer, contour, or highlight products, and I do really like using brushes #4 and #5 for those purposes.
Mermaid brush #3
I do think the more useful brushes in this set are the ovals, although I have used brushes #7 and #8 to apply cream brow products to good effect. I did not find these useful at all when it came to applying eye shadows or liner, as they are hard to manipulate in the eye area and feel scratchy in the delicate lid area.
Mermaid brush #6
Mermaid brush #7
You can also see that brushes #6 and #7are cut unevenly, so I ended up clipping them to get an even surface. I also do not use the smallest round brushes #9 and #10, as I prefer more traditional lip brushes. I've read some reviews that said they are good for contouring the nose area, so there may be uses for them yet to be discovered by me.
Mermaid brush #9
I also purchased an inexpensive acrylic brush holder from Amazon that I'm quite happy with. It sits on the window sill next to my vanity and keeps that small area from getting too cluttered. I knew from reading online reviews that the handles of the Mermaid brushes are rather flimsy and will snap if too much pressure is used, but I tend to grip them close to the brush head and brace the brush with a finger, which works well for me.
I really like the oval brushes for cream foundation and blush, but prefer a looser and more fluffy brush for powder products. Nor will these replace any of my eye brushes. After having used them for a month I have not experienced shedding beyond a bristle or two, and cleaning them is relatively easy on a day to day basis. I use a rough cloth with a spray brush cleaner to do a quick cleanse after applying foundation, which is keeping them in good condition. The brush I use to apply primer has clumped together a bit and requires more thorough cleaning to remove the primer.
Mermaid brush #1
Overall, I'm glad I purchased these! I'm still curious about the Artis Oval #7 and may purchase at some point, but I now know that one or two of these will really suffice and that by no means do you need them all, should I decide to invest in the more expensive brushes.

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