Monday, October 10, 2016

Late Summer Favorites Part 1

Disclaimer: I purchased these.
Every October I take the first two weeks off from work. Usually the weather in Mobile is starting to cool down and we get sunny days with low humidity and cool nights. It's probably my favorite time of the year, plus my birthday is on the 7th so it gives me time to relax, work on projects around my house and yard, and just enjoy life.  Hence the lack of blog posts :-)  I do have several months of favorites to show you, however, so let's get going with part 1.
Does anybody else think the formula of Urban Decay's eye primers change when the went from the wand to the tube packaging?  For some reason the new primers just do not do the job for me and end up creasing, and I'm down to my last tube of the older formula, this time in the shimmer Sin shade.
I use Le Metier de Beaute's matte Peachy Keen as my transition crease shade almost every day. It gives just enough definition and is a lovely formula.

It's looks a little worse for the wear as I tried (unsuccesfully) to depot it.  That sucker would not come out of it's compact, but now that's lidless I keep it on my makeup table and it's getting used much more frequently.

I've been for either the 24/7 Scorch eyeliner or Lancome's matte Black Coffee the most lately when it comes to eyeliners.  A good dark matte brown can be hard to come by, and Black Coffee also stays longer than most on my water line.
Urban Decay's Scorch (top), Lancome's Black Coffee (bottom)
Three brushes that I've been loving are Julep's Bronzer, Urban Decay's (UD) 24/7 Pencil, and Lipstick Queen's lip brushes.  I've been tempted to pick up some of UD's discontinued brushes that are on sale, as the few I've tried have been really good. I looked at the new UD brushes in Sephora and was surprised at how light/hollow they felt, although I'm sure the brushes themselves are of good quality. However, I've got a whole new set of some knockoff Artis brushes to show you soon, so I've been restraining myself.

I like the Lipstick Queen lip brush are I find I can both fill and precisely line my lips with it, plus it has a cover that keeps dust off. I believe it was a GWP from somewhere and I'm not sure if it's readily available or not, but if it is...it's worth having IMO.
Tomorrow I'll show you the rest of the items, which includes some new and rediscovered favorites. I've also got a fun game I play with my perfume oil samples to tell you about :-)

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