Thursday, March 2, 2017

Products I Purchased in February

I'm on a bit of a self-imposed low buy, largely due to a glut of products and a need to use what I've got instead of continuing to buy, buy, buy. However, I realistically know that I'll want to buy a few things here and there, plus there are always staples that need to be repurchased. So, let's look at the items I purchased in February, and why I did so.
Ulta definitely knows how to entice consumers, as they run sales all the time plus send out coupons. I received a $5 off $10 coupon that I wanted to put to use, so rather than shop online and pay shipping (or more likely, purchase $50 worth of items to get free shipping), I made a trip to the store. I needed shampoo, and was going to pick up some Hask shampoos but these Maui Moisture ones were on sale, so I picked up two. I've been using the Bamboo Fibers shampoo ($8.99) for about 10 days now, and so far so good!
A 40% off Maybelline products at Rite Aid resulted in the purchase of Fool's Gold, one of the new Color Tattoo Eye Chrome Shadows. A review is coming up very soon:-)
stila had a big sale recently, which I didn't pay any attention to until they sent me a 25% off the sale coupon. I've wanted to try the Aqua Glow blushes forever, but wasn't willing to pay $24 for them. They were marked down to $8 and with 25% off, that made me willing to pay the $5.99 shipping charge. I chose Waterlily and Shimmering Lotus, and have only worn each 1x so far. Reviews to come once I've gotten a good feel for them.

So, I purchased something I needed, something I've wanted for a while at a big discount, and a complete impulse purchase. Not too terribly bad, and considering I did not use a 20% off coupon (including prestige brands), pretty darn good. I think I'm going to keep a running tally of my beauty purchases this year, which should be illuminating.  Thus far, January's purchases were $81.40 and February's was $33.97. I'm trending in the right direction :-)

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