Saturday, October 14, 2017

Drawn In, Decked Out: Smashbox Shadow Plus Highlight Palette Set and Ablaze Review

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
It's that time of year when holiday gift sets are being released at a dizzying pace, and the Drawn In Decked Out Shadow and Highlight Palette Set by Smashbox is the first one I decided to spend my money on. It looked like a good value ($39 with a $77 value) for what you get, as both shadow palettes are full sized and sell for $29 each on their own, plus I've been wanting to try those highlighters!
The set contains two eye shadow palettes, the warm toned Ablaze and the cooler toned Sultry. Sultry is limited edition and available only as part of this set, whereas Ablaze can be purchased separately. You also get a travel sized Spotlight highlighter palette in Pearl, which is one of two highlight palettes developed in collaboration with YouTuber Casey Holmes.
Today I'll be reviewing Ablaze, but expect to see the other two items soon. Ablaze is a great warm-toned palette perfect for late summer/fall, and since Mobile seems be in perpetual summer (it's 90 plus today), it's a color scheme that will work for me for months to come.
The quality of the shadows is really good, with nary a dud in the mix. My only complaint is that there is not a good matte transition shadow in the palette, but I do love all the colors in Ablaze.  You can approach the palette in a quad format, although I tend to mix and match as the mood strikes me.
All swatches were with a brush over Wet 'n Wild's Photo Focus eye primer, which is now my go to eye primer. I did not find the shadow formula to kick up a lot of powder and they applied smoothly. You can build up color easily and I'm especially impressed with the mattes, which blended easily. Relaxed is the same color as my skin, so it does not show up well below.
Relaxed, Siesta, Nirvana, Delirious
Moccasin, Torch, Throwback, Dark Horse
Now, there is a plethora of warm-toned palettes that have come out on the past few years, and I've picked up a few of them recently. I think Ablaze competes well with them and has some shades that are unique, at least to my collection. The more unique colors are the shimmers Siesta, Moccasin, and the satin Torch. There are also some dupes, or near dupes, to a couple of shades in the Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Here are a few comparisons:
Siesta vs. Mademoiselle from the Fem Rosa She palette by ColourPop. Mademoiselle has a more pink/mauve undertone whereas Siesta is more warm toned, depending on how the light catches it.
Nirvana looks like a dupe (to me) for Venetian Red from the Renaissance palette. Venetian Red is slightly more pigmented, but not by much. Both yield smooth color and are easy to work with.
I also swatched Missy from the Fem Rosa She palette, which is close as well.
Moccasin is darker and warmer than Primavera from the Renaissance palette or Chick from the Fem Rosa She palette. Gorgeous color.
Throwback and Realgar from Renaissance are close enough in color that I don't think you will be able to tell the difference on the eye.
Last up is Dark Horse vs. Cypress Umber from the Renaissance palette, and they are dupes as well. I can't tell a difference.
Overall, a big thumbs up on the Ablaze palette! Here are a few looks I've done since getting the set:
Used the matte cream shadow So Not Sorry by NYX as a base

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