Monday, October 9, 2017

Palette Random Roulette and Shop My Stash v. 1

It's been raining most of today, and I'm on vacation. So, I decided to try and be semi-productive by cataloging my eye shadow palettes, with the goal of then using a random number generator to select one to use for the next week or so. Once I got started, I ended up putting not just my eye shadow palettes into an Excel spreadsheet, but my blushes, bronzers, highlighters, single shadows, and cream shadows in as well.
Thus has been born a new series, which is a variation of 'shop my stash' but with some of the items being selected using the random number generator. I then incorporated some items that I thought would complement the items randomly selected, plus some of the items from my Project Pan 2017 and Lipstick Roulette series. So yeah, a hodge-podge. But hey, if it helps me meet multiple goals and use some of the many languishing items from my makeup collection, I'm all for it.
So apparently I have 44 eye shadow palettes, including Z palettes with depotted and single shadows. The palette randomly selected is a 6-pan build your own from Urban Decay, with the shadows:
  • X
  • Midnight Cowgirl 
  • Stray Dog
  • Mildew
  • Foxy
  • Free Love
The other randomly selected items include:
  • Waves of White 24 Hr Color Tattoo by Maybelline(limited edition)
  • Rapture Afterglow blush by Urban Decay
  • Rose Garden blush by NYX
  • Moonlight Shimmering Skin Perfector by Becca
The blushes are not ones I would have chosen to complement the eyeshadows, but that's what makes the random roulette aspect interesting. There is also a lack of matte shadows in this mix, so I incorporated a few items that will help in these areas, including some items from my Project Pan 2017 series:
  • Peachy Keen and Naked shadows by Le Metier de Beaute
  • Nectar Ceramide Cream Blush by Elizabeth Arden
  • Monster Super Shock Cheek by ColourPop
Two matte liquid eye shadows will help balance out the shimmer shades from the UD palette:
  • Maplewood from butterLondon and So Not Sorry by NYX
I also pulled the J Cat Beauty baked shadow trio in Greentea Frapp and the Revlon eye crayon in Atomic Nucleaire (discontinued), as they seem to complement the palette color scheme.
Finally, I still have two lip items from my current Lipstick Roulette that I need to wear, and the colors look right for this mix: Fiend by Urban Decay and Forbidden Kiss by L'oreal. Hopefully this experiment will help me both use and weed my collection while also taking me outside my comfort zone. If nothing else, it helped me enjoy a rainy day :-)

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