Saturday, October 7, 2017

Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette by Colour Pop

Disclaimer: I purchased this.
I've been watching reviews on ColourPop's pressed shadows with interest, but it wasn't until they started releasing these 12 pan palettes that I felt compelled to purchase. Yes, Please! definitely appealed to me with it's color scheme, but . finding it in stock was an issue as they kept selling out. I finally snagged one and as of today it's still available.
I love the cheerful colors of the packaging, although it's obviously not the most practical and will get incredible dirty looking in a short amount of time. The cardboard palette does feel sturdy but does not contain a mirror, but that's fine by me as I rarely use mirrors in palettes.
The shadows do have names but they are on the back of the box and palette, and they read right to left as opposed to matching the position of the shadow, if that makes sense. I had to go on ColourPop's site to make sure I was matching the right shadow to the right name, as it was initially a bit confusing.
Yes, Please! was ColourPop's first palette release and the inspiration for the colors are the "golden hour" time of the day, which I associate with late afternoon when the sun is still intense but starting to set and everything is infused with that golden glow. Obviously, it's an extremely warm toned palette, which is uber on trend right now. There are 8 mattes and 4 metallic shades, which is a really nice ratio IMO.
Full Zip is a nice matte cream color that is good for an all over lid color and to set my primer.  Big Cocktails is a vibrant tangerine orange matte. Champs worked well for me as a transition shade. Bling is a rusty cranberry metallic/shimmer. The formula on all of these was really nice.
Louie is a metallic red with gold shift. Butter Cookie is a pale gold metallic shimmer. Spoiled is a gorgeous brick red matte that is buttery smooth.  GNO is an orange matte. Formula on all of these was lovely.
Mischief is a mustard yellow matte that is so nicely pigmented. Note to Self is a warm caramel matte that I reached for often. Chauffeur was probably the most unique to my collection color and is light orange with gold shift duochrome metallic. French Kiss is a deep warm brown and was the only shade in the palette that swatched a bit patchy.
All swatches were done with a brush over primer, but perhaps the primer did not extend that far down my arm and contributed to the patchiness. I don't remember French Kiss being particular problematic when applied to my eyes, and I've been using this palette for a month now.
Did I mention that the ColourPop palettes are only $16? Considering how nice the formula is, that is very impression indeed. There really is not a single dud in the Yes, Please! palette and it was a great introduction to Colourpop's pressed shadows for me. I've picked up two of their other palettes now - She and I Think I Love You, and I'll be posting reviews of them as well.
Today is my 54th birthday, so I guess I've officially hit my middle 50's. Crazy. My birthday plans have been preempted by Hurricane Nate, which hopefully will not be too bad of an event here on the Gulf Coast. We shall see, as I'm typing this a day before it's predicted to hit. I hope everyone else's day is full of sunshine and happy events :-)

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