Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NYX Xtreme Lip Creme in Pinky Nude

I tend to buy a lot of makeup online, which makes color selections an adventure sometimes.  NYX's Pinky Nude is a medium dusty rose that is a bit more vibrant than the "nude" in the name would indicate.  But while Pinky Nude wasn't really a good description for the color, it is still a really pretty color that I find quite wearable!
The Xtreme lip cremes are a liquid lipstick that are deeply pigmented, smooth, and creamy.  Because they are so pigmented, I find applying a few dabs with the applicator and then smoothing with my finger or a lip brush the best way to get a precise finish. 
I looked through my OCC lip tars to see if I have anything comparable, and it turns out I don't.  The closest in tone was Ophelia, but that was quite a bit lighter.  The only other pink I have is Queen, which is much more vibrant.  Blending Ophelia and Queen together produced the color at the bottom of the trio.  As you can see, Pinky Nude has a more dusty mauve tone.
Ophelia, Pinky Nude, Queen
Queen, Pinky Nude, Ophelia/Queen combined
The NYX Xtreme lip cremes are heavier in texture than the lip tars, but they do make a nice budget alternative at about $6 versus lip tar's $16. 

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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