Saturday, August 10, 2013

One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish by Farmhouse Fresh

I've got another facial sugar cleanser/exfoliator to show you, this time one that is supposed to the good for those with dry or sensitive skin as well as those with rosacea.  Now, I've got oily skin, but I still love the One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish, as it's mild enough to use daily if desired.  I'll probably be using this more in the winter, when my skin gets a tad less oily.  I do break it out for once a week use right now, when I want to nourish my face with a bit of extra moisture.
Farmhouse Fresh products are paraben and sulfate free and are composed of 90-99% natural or naturally derived ingredients.  One Fine Day is 96.5% natural and features shea butter, sugar, castor and sunflower oils.  It is lightly scented with a variet of citrus oils, and I see vanilla in the mix as well.  I personally love the scent and find it really adds to the experience.
To apply, I wash my hands, and then put a nickel size dab of the scrub in my still wet hands and apply to my dry face.  I find that this gives enough moisture to emulsify the scrub but not so much that the sugar crystals dissolve too quickly.   After rinsing, my skin is super soft without a hint of greasiness, so the water seems to do a good job of rinsing away the oils in the scrub. 
One Fine Day is $25, and I think it will be my winter time sugar scrub with Suki being my summer time sugar scrub (you can see a review of Suki here).  Both smell delicious, are naturally based, and cleanse as well as exfoliate. Apropo of nothing other than they are also white and smell delicious, below are some ginger lilies that are blooming in my yard. 
Ginger Lilies
Disclaimer:  I purchased this.


  1. I kind of expected this to be super duper expensive, but 28 bucks is within reasons :)

  2. This sounds so amazing-I definitely want to try this at some point!