Monday, May 12, 2014

Lip Tar Mix Progression for a Week

I'm a fan of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic's (OCC) lip tars, although I go through phases with how much I wear them.  I'm in a heavy use phase right now, and thought I'd show you a typical week's progression of color mixing.
I've also been on a kick of topping my lip tars with Estee Lauder's Praline Paradise lip gloss, which is a lovely beige with shimmer.  It goes on basically clear but provides high shine (but not stickiness) with a bit of shimmer.  
Praline Paradise
On the first day, I started with the matte Ophelia, described as a "petal pink plush".  It's a soft baby pink, but with enough color that it doesn't wash me out.  All of these photos were taken outside in natural light, so it's interesting to see the different tones of my skin depending on time of day and whether it was overcast or sunny.
I put a dab of my chosen lip tar in a mixing try, and because a little goes a very long way and lip tars take a while to dry out, that color can be used the next day.  So, I'll pick another shade to mix in, which on this occasion was the matte neon red coral Queen.  I again used Praline Paradise on top.
Ophelia + Queen
The next day, I added matte Psycho (true blood red) and the metallic Lovecraft (pink/lilac) to the leftover Ophelia/Queen mix, and topped it with Praline Paradise.
Ophelia + Queen + Lovecraft + Psycho
The last day I added Traffic, a true primary yellow, and topped it with Praline Paradise.
Ophelia + Queen + Lovecraft + Psycho + Traffic
Clearly, the variations are endless!  I get a good 3-4 hours wear with the lip tar/lip gloss combo, even after eating breakfast.  The down side is I can't reapply once they wear off, as lip tars really do need to be applied with a lip brush and mixing on the go is not an option for me. 


  1. Awesome mixins! Where do you usually mix and store them for later use?

    1. I have a plastic tray that is specifically for makeup - it has circular troughs of various sizes. I use the smallest ones, about the size of a quarter, to mix the lip tars. It sits on my makeup table, so no special storing is going on. Sometimes I cover it with a piece of paper to keep dust and dog hair out :-)