Monday, May 19, 2014

Starina Original Skin Blush by Rouge Bunny Rouge

Disclaimer:  I purchased this, links provided for convenience.
Rouge Bunny Rouge is one of those mystical unicorn brands that you occasionally see glimpses of on beauty blogs.  I've never seen it carried in any store in my area, and would not even be aware of it except for reading beauty blogs. 
Lovely packaging design
It's a London born brand based in London and Moscow, with lovely packaging that combines a Victorian-style fairy tale quality with Tsarist aristocratic leanings.   I'm pretty sure no other brand is going to be described that way :-)
For my first foray into Rouge Bunny Rouge I chose a blush shade that was somewhat unique to my collection - the golden tan Starina.  This color works especially well during the warm weather months, as it can also double as a bronzer. 
Starina is describe on the site I bought it at as the "palest coral with an illuminating radiance" for those with fair skin, and I can see that as well.  It warms my cheeks and would possible work as a highlighting shade on darker complexions. 
The formula is very nice, with smooth color and very little powder kick up.  Even though this is a light color, I found pigmentation to be good and I did not have to pile it on to achieve what you see above.
The Original Skin Blushes by Rouge Bunny Rouge are $28 and there are six shades available.  I bought Starina from Beauty Habit.  


  1. this is absolutely gorgeous! I need to start investing in some rouge bunny products!


    1. I bet Starina would work well with your coloring!