Monday, March 28, 2016

March Yogi Surprise Jewelry Subscription Box: Creating Space

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
The theme of the March Yogi Jewelry Subscription Box ($24.99) was "creating space".  Let's ponder for a moment:
Yoga is all about space.  And according to Einstein, space is relative.  Our task then is to discover how we can create and control space instead of being controlled by space.  It’s a virtuous cycle, to let go of what’s unhealthy and to fill that space with what we most need.  Let these unique jewelry pieces serve as a reminder to cultivate our abundance space that exists within the mind, body and soul.
Letting go of what's unhealthy and filling that space with what I most need....hmmm....this may be my mantra for the next few months.  But for now, let's look at the box items, starting with the Pearl & Amazonite Buddha bracelet. I really like this, and fortunately I have small wrists so this actually fits nicely without feeling too tight.  Amazonite is associated with communication, and in particular speaking the truth while remaining calm and unemotional.  Kind of like the Buddha.

The Feather Rose Quartz Point Pendant necklace is a double-strand antique bronzed with the feather on the shorter strand and the rose quartz on the longer. My rose quartz is very light in tone, almost white, with striations that give it some texture. Quite a striking necklace. Rose quartz is associated with universal, unconditional love, while pearls are associated with purity and spiritual transformation.  Yogi Surprise suggests letting the piece "be a reminder to continuously create the space necessary for evolution to a higher plane".
This month's treat was the Buddha Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bar.  Think a much healthier Nestle's Crunch Bar made out of dark chocolate and crunchy quinoa. It was very, very good and I love the added protein factor from the quinoa.
I'm really enjoying my Yogi Surprise Jewelry subscription box thus far, and think this month's theme and items were spot on!

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