Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bubble & Bee Body Butters

Disclaimer: I purchased these.
It's that time of year where I break out my heavy hitter body moisturizers, as falling temps and dryer air take a toll on my skin. Bubble & Bee recently held their Friends & Family sale, which I used as an excuse to replenish my stock of their organic body butters as well as pick up a Christmas gift or two for family, all at 30% off their regular $24.95 price.
If you are unfamiliar with Bubble & Bee Organic, it's a company based in Utah that makes natural and organic deodorants, body butters, soaps, lip balms, facial toners and cleansers, and well, lots more. I'm partial to their deodorants and body butters, although I did branch out and buy a few other products this go around, which I'll talk more about in another post.
I purchased the unscented version as a gift for Scrooge an aunt , but she has now decided we don't need to give gifts to each other this Christmas, so it will be staying with me. When I'm attending meetings at the hospitals I try to not wear scented products, plus on days I want to customize scent I think adding a few drops of my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils to this will work quite well.
The Almond & Coconut is a gift for my mother, as I know she enjoys both of those scent notes. I have not smelled this particular scent yet, and I'm interested in how the cinnamon essential oil fits in.
For myself I chose the Peppermint & Vanilla and the Sugar & Spice scents. I finished my first tub of Sugar & Spice last year and it's the perfect scent for fall and winter. It's a seasonal scent that is not available year round, but I've truly not found a more realistic spice scent than this one - which makes sense seeing it does contain actual spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and brown sugar). The shelf life on these is listed as 10 months after opening, but I had one open for three years that did not go bad.
Peppermint & Vanilla sounded perfect for this time of year as well, and it smells minty and warm at the same time. Is that possible? The mint is the more dominant scent, yet there is an underlying richness that comes from the vanilla and gives it a bit more complexity.  I do find that the scent on this one fades after a few hours, whereas the Sugar & Spice fragrance lasts all day.
The texture is whipped yet dense, and since these are composed of various oils plus shea butter, will melt when exposed to high temperatures. I opted for the cold pack shipping feature as temps here in Mobile were still in the 80's when I ordered, and everything arrived in good order.  I find these are heavier than most other body butters, but they do melt/absorb nicely into the skin and their concentration is what makes them such heavy hitters when it comes to winter dry skin.  Their density is also because they are not water based, so a little goes a long way.
The label around the containers peels off, and on the inside was some info about nourishing your skin from within with their FlaxPro Flax seeds ($14.99). Since I did order a container, I thought I would show you that as well. I liked the idea of being able to eat these without having to grind, and they do have a nice nutty taste. I've added them to my smoothies and think they will make a nice salad topper as well.
Bubble & Bee Organic has periodic sales that you can be notified about if you sign up at their site. I've also got a 20% off code that was sent in my box "share20", so I'm passing it along to you (it is not an affiliate code and I get no benefit).  Sample sizes of many of the products are available, which is how I tried out their many deodorants before happening upon my favorite (Vanilla Orange).  The Vanilla Orange body butter is fantastic as well, but I've still got half a tub of that one ☺☺☺☺.  Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!

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