Friday, April 21, 2017

Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Liners: Bare to Comment and Gone Burgundy

Disclaimer: I purchased these.
I recently did a Wet n Wild haul and picked up two of their new Perfect Pout gel lip liners ($2.99). Formulated with a proprietary polymer and ester complex, these are supposed to give smooth, flawless, and lasting lip color.

Available in 6 shades, I chose the terracotta Bare to Comment and the wine Gone to Burgundy shades. These are a swivel up pencil that are rather delicate (as we shall see below), so I would not extend them too far when applying. You are getting a mere .008 ounces for your $2.99, which is not much at all. In comparison, Essence makes another bargain lip pencil ($1.99) that is a favorite of mine, and it contains .035 ounces, or a little over 4x's as much.
But on to performance: do these live up to their claims? Yes and no. They do glide on and are easy to apply, but I don't find them particularly long last. I also find that when I wear these as an all over lip color, my lips start to feel dry not long after applying. I see no hydrating ingredients in the formula, which explains that.
The second time I applied Bare to Comment as an all over lip color, it crumbled on me. Lo and behold, it's hollow inside, which better explains the .008 ounces. One thing I do not like about this is how, if you go outside your lip line, it looks diffuse as opposed to opaque. I think you can tell in the Bare Comment LOTD's below.
Bare to Comment
Bare  to Comment with Tarte's Energy 
Gone Burgundy
So, these are not without their flaws, but I like them enough that I will wear them. I won't purchase any others, as I really think the Essence lip liners are better in both formula and price.

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