Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lipstick Roulette v. 2: What I'm Keeping and What I'm Tossing

It's been two weeks since I chose 7 lip items for v. 2 of my Lipstick Roulette series, so let's see which ones I enjoyed enough to keep and those that are getting the boot! Links are to original reviews.
First of all, I seem to have lost Black Honey. I'll include it again once it shows up. So let's move on to Rosewood C211 by Makeup For Ever. Great everyday color and great formula that feels hydrating and comfortable on the lips. This is a keeper!
Naomi by Buxom is a lovely soft flamingo pink sheer gloss that gives just a hint of color, and I used it as a topper over Little Susie for these pictures. I love Buxom glosses and will be keeping Naomi, which has been discontinued.
Melted Peony by Too Faced is a light warm pink that gives creamy opaque color, and for some reason I neglected to take a swatch picture. I thought I liked this but the color just wasn't working for me unless I toned it down with a warmer gloss. You can see it on it's own in the FOTD picture, and topped with a sheer bronze gloss in the LOTD shot. I'm going to toss Melted Peony.
Julep's Electric Creme Coral is a great color but the thinness of the formula felt a bit lacking to me. It has a moisturizing core but apparently I need more moisture, as my lips felt rather dry soon after applying. I'm going to toss.
Little Susie, Little Susie by Nyx is a great summertime color and while the formula is not the longest lasting, I like how it feels and wears. It's a keeper.
Last up is Copenhagen by Nyx, and while I like the matte lip creams, this one gave me fits when I was applying it. I had a hard time getting a crisp lip line as I kept smearing it when I was trying to clean it up. I also blotted it down to more of a lip stain. I do like the color though so will be keeping. I'll use a lip liner next time :-)
So, I'm tossing two and keeping five, although if Black Honey never shows up it's more like 3 tossed and 4 kept. I'm finding this to be a very effective way to pare down my collection! Now, here are the 7 items randomly selected for v. 3 of Lipstick Roulette.
  1. Creme de la Creme Gloss by Le Metier de Beaute
  2. Charming Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick by theBalm
  3. Trixie Gloss by Buxom
  4. Sweetie Matte Cream Lip Crayon by Bite Beauty
  5. Rendezvous Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain by Revlon
  6. Peach Parfait Colorburst Lip Butter by Revlon
  7. Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by Nars

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