Friday, May 8, 2015

Julep Maven Modern Beauty for May: Set Sail

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
After skipping Julep's Maven subscription box for the past two months, I was ready to get back in the game (fortunately, I still have the original $19.99 subscription plan that lets me skip at will).  None of the polishes spoke to me, so I went with the Modern Beauty box.  May's theme was "Set Sail", with the reminder from Amelia Earhart that "Adventure is worthwhile in itself."  I would agree with that.

The Modern Beauty is the nail polish free box, and the beauty items were an eyeshadow duo and lip pencil.  I chose the Feels Like Velvet eyeshadow duo in 5th Avenue & Broadway, a matte peach and light shimmer gold.  These babies are plus sized shadows that make for a lovely natural, almost naked eye look that I really like. 
If you are looking for color impact though, this is not the duo to go with.  It's not because they are not pigmented or of low quality, not at all.  It's because they are soft, neutral colors.  They apply smoothly and I got all day wear over an eye primer. 
I like pairing them with a bit of eyeliner and a bold lip.  Which brings me to the Electric Coral It's Balm Plush Pout lip crayon. 
This baby is a statement maker, for sure.  The rounded crayon has a clear center surrounded by the coral cream color, and you can vary the intensity of color depending on how you apply it. 
I do think the rounded shape makes it more difficult to get crisp lines, but that's my only complaint.  Love the color and the formula, which feels light but delivers lots of loooonnnngggg lasting color.  This baby is a lip stainer, so even after the balm wore off (3 hours or so), I had nicely tinted lips for the rest of the day.
Glad I took a gamble on the Modern Beauty box this month, although initially after the selection window closed I was second guessing myself since I was paying about $10 for each item.  The It's Balm Plush Pouts are normally priced $16 and the eyeshadow duos are $20, so I saved $16.  Not a phenomenal deal this month, but I do like what I got!

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