Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Loving Your Unloved Choice for June: Dollskin Cheek Palette by Tarina Tarantino

After considering several items, I decided that Taran Tarantino's Dollskin Cheek Palette would be the neglected item that I'll use for the month of June.  I've had it for over 3 years (original review here), and as you can see, Feather has seen the most use, with the other three remaining relatively untouched. 
Brand new
Cool-toned pinks - which is half of this palette with the bottom two Candy Cameo and Carved Rose - are not shades I naturally gravitate towards for blush.   Using the palette should take me outside of my comfort zone and perhaps expand my range a bit.  Or show me that cool-toned pinks are really not my thing.  The other shade that has not seen much use is Parasol, although it would be my next go to with it's warmer tones. 

After 3+ years of sporadic use
So, expect a report back at the end of June on the Dollskin Cheek Palette!

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