Tuesday, January 24, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible 24HR Eye Shadows in Midnight Blue, Amber Rush, Golden Sage

L'Oreal Infallible 24HR eye shadow is another new product that has been getting rave reviews on the web.  Billed as intense color with a powder-to-cream texture that is waterproof, crease and fade-resistant, if it's true I can see why.  Not to mention that these are being compared to Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadow by Giorgio Armani, which retail for a hefty $32.  Yes, for one!  Infallible eye shadows are available in 12 shades and I will be reviewing Midnight Blue, Amber Rush, and Golden Sage, purchased for about $6 after a buy one get one 50% off offer at Rite Aid.   Regular retail was $7.95, and I've also seen these at Ulta and CVS for comparable prices.

The plastic side showing the shadow is actually the bottom of the containers with the label side being the top.  These do not come with an applicator and swatches below were with my finger.  However, I've used eyeshadow brushes to apply and that worked fine as well.  While these may look like a cream, they are actually densely packed powder pigment, hence the little plastic top with the handle you see here.  I'm guessing these help keep the powder packed down and fresh.  They must serve some purpose, as "do no discard" is stamped on them (click on photos for enlargement).

L'Oreal marketing materials claim these shadows were four years in the making and feature a patented color structure with 4X more binders (oils) than traditional powder shadows.  These binders coat the pigment to enhance and heighten each hue, making the colors "pop".  Not only that, a special adhesive polymer network helps achieve 24HR wear, including rubbing and the 11,000 times per day we apparently blink.

These do apply with a lovely creamy consistency and do not take much product to build color, as they are highly pigmented.  Look at how the green shadow matches the green in the wet wood - really lovely.  I can attest to the waterproof and rubbing part, as after I applied these to my arm I ran it under water and then rubbed it with a paper towel.  The swatches appeared none the worse for the wear - no smears or pigment on the paper towel. 

Finally, the photo on the left shows the swatches after sleeping in them, so about 14 hours after application.  There is some definite fading, but considering they were run under water, rubbed on and slept in, overall I'm impressed!

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