Sunday, January 22, 2012


Nail polish lovers are living in great times.  There are plenty of quality big name commercial brands to chose from, but there are also several wonderfully creative independent label polishes being offered for purchase on the web.  I stumbled across Nerdlacquer after seeing some swatches online and immediately added them to my list of things to try.  I haven't been disappointed. 

Nerdlacquer, by Amanda Collier of Fairhope, Alabama, is available through Etsy, the "world's handmade marketplace".  I had never purchased anything through Etsy but it turned out the be a painless process.  Full size bottles retail for $8, but I took advantage of a holiday special of multiple mini-bottles, allowing me to sample several shades.  Variety does it for me, you know. 

Look at these beauties (click photo to see enlarged)!  Glitter is the currency here, and the names and color descriptions highlight Amanda's love of all things nerd.  For example, "inspired by everyone’s favorite Flying Circus, CRUNCHY FROG is a revoltingly gorgeous milk chocolate shimmer base with emerald glitter, small and medium grass green hexagonal glitter, olive microglitter, and you might also notice some large chunks of silvery white. The bones, obviously. If we took the bones out it wouldn’t be crunchy, would it? The easily-nauseated should feel free to think of this color as “chocolate mint.” Love it.

Nerdlacquer's current catalog consists of 34 shades and apparently they are feelin' the love from the masses as a note on the site indicates shipping delays could happen due to the current demand.  However, anyone who experiences a shipping delay over 7 days will receive a special limited-edition "Sorry For The Slow" color.  Amanda is nice like that, demonstrated by a free mini-bottle she included in my shipment when she experienced problems with her bottle supplier that caused a minor shipping delay.  No complaints here. 

My nail of the day will feature It's Just a Flesh Wound, coming shortly!

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