Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cheery Cherry by Alice & Peter

Captivating, give yourself over! With just one breath, bergamot frolics in the air as cassis and cherry reign with charm. Red and yellow fruit hold court and delight in the glory of a velvety floral bouquet while delicate, ripe strawberries soften vanilla and caramel's intoxicating curves, for a final indulgence in this very merry scent.
Cheery Cherry is indeed a cheerful scent.  The notes read like an explosion of fruit salad, or for those who grew up with it being a staple at holiday gatherings, fruit ambrosia minus the sour cream.

Head: Blackcurrant, Cherry, Bergamot, Orange
Heart: Red Fruit, Apricot, Peach, Rose, Peonies, Lilac, Freesia
Base: Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, Caramel, White Musk

Cheery Cherry's fruitiness is slightly tempered by the white musk, but it does not develop much beyond how it smelled when first sprayed on my skin.  It's pleasant and I can see this appealing to those who like sweet, uncomplicated scents.
So why do I keep visualizing the Red Queen as played by Helena Bonham-Carter in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland when I think of Cheery Cherry?  Perhaps it's the subliminal suggestion from the namesake Alice of Wonderland, coupled with the cherry sitting on top of the cupcake perfume?  It can't be because Helena Bonham-Carter patterned her performance after her two year old daughter, noting that the "me, me, me" quality of toddlers was a big part of the inspiration for her portrayal of the Red Queen, as I didn't know that.  Or maybe it's because the Red Queen had tarts stolen from her by the Knave of Hearts or her froggy footmen, depending on which version you've got.  
Cheery Cherry is definitely one fruity tart cupcake, and while I'm not loving it like I did Bloody Orange, I do like it.  It's just lacking something for me, including lasting power, as both Bloody Orange and Cheery Cherry fade away far too quickly.  Samples of Cheery Cherry and the other Alice & Peter perfumes are available at their site.  I paid $10 for mine.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this. 

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