Friday, January 4, 2013

NOTD: Midnight Affair by Revlon and Jordan by Julep

Growing up, my favorite colored Crayola crayon was Midnight Blue.  When I saw Midnight Affair recently at Rite Aid, that's what popped into my mind, so I popped it into my cart.  My luck with Revlon polishes is hit or miss, but it was also marked 75% off, so I figured it was a small gamble.
Source:  What a Day to Be Alive
Sadly, I don't have a bottle shot to show you, as it's been a cold, rainy mess the past few days.  I've seen some comments lamenting that the shimmer in Midnight Blue is more evident in the bottle than on your nails, but I still like it.  The formula flummoxed me a bit, as it seemed sheer and runny at times yet covered completely in 2 coats.  The wear time for Midnight Affair has been really good, with minor tip wear and no chipping after 4 days. 
Midnight Affair with Jordan
After 2 days I decided I needed a little bling and added Julep's Jordan to the mix.  Jordan is turning out the be a versatile glitter top coat for me, as it's more of a gunmetal than straight up silver, and the slight blue tint to it makes it a bit more unique to my collection.  Adding the glitter made Midnight Affair look more black than blue, I think.

What is your favorite Crayola crayon color, and does it have a polish counterpart?

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.

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