Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Farmhouse Fresh Honeysuckle Blood Orange Custard

This sounds almost like a a dessert, doesn't it?  Actually, Honeysuckle Blood Orange Custard is a body cream with "a 2-part blend that includes 1/2 whipped shea butter and 1/2 live fruit cells suspended in a nourishing aloe gel that brings vitamin-packed softness to skin".  I was intrigued, plus anything that smells like honeysuckle will get my attention!
This double moisturizer is 92% natural and is paraben and sulfate free.  As you can see, it comes unmixed, and you just swirl the two together with the included spoon.  I also use the spoon when I'm applying the cream, as it saves me from sticking my fingers in the cream and potentially contaminating it. 
The scent is delicate and dissipates after an hour or so, which is actually okay for the days when I want to wear perfume.  The cream is thick but not greasy, and it absorbs well into the skin. 
I'm guessing the significance of "live fruit cells" has to do with the uncooked, unprocessed nature of the strawberry fruit extract used, which preserves their skin softening goodness.  Packaged in a reusable jelly jar, there is also a Strawberry Mash Double Moisturizer version, and both retail for $26. 
Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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