Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nyx Lip Balms in Sukriya and Grazi

I can get driven to distraction when my lips feel dry, so I love lip balms and they probably my heaviest used beauty product.  The idea of a colored lip balm is especially appealing, so I've been on a search to find one that both hydrates and provides color.  Nyx Color Lip Balms sounded like they could deliver on both counts, so I recently picked up Sukriya and Grazi to try out. 
Sukriya, Grazi
Grazi is the more subtle in color of the two, as it is both sheerer and close to my own natural lip color. 
Sukriya is more intensely pigmented and provides more of a pop of color.  I found myself blotting Sukriya as the color was a bit too intense for my comfort level, but blotting did soften the color and made it more wearable.
The pluses for the Nyx lip balms are that they are comfortable on, did provide some moisture to my lips, and are reasonably priced at about $3.  The minuses were that I found them a bit difficult to get smooth coverage, as they seemed to accentuate any dry spots or flecks of skin.  They also settle into lip lines, which is more noticeable at close range.  I'm also not crazy about the mineral oil based formula, but at least there is some sunflower oil and shea butter in the mix as well.
Overall, I think these are good but not great.  I will definitely use them, but I'm continuing my search for a great tinted lip balm.
Wearing Sukriya

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