Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pink Gold Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow by The All Natural Face

Occasionally, I'll find an eyeshadow that I can use all by itself for a quick but pretty eye look.  Pink Gold by The All Natural Face is that kind of color, and I've found myself using it over and over since I received it in my January Eco Emi box.  I've sampled more than a few products from the The All Natural Face and have generally been quite pleased, but something about Pink Gold is extra special.
It's the color that does it for me.  That pale, warm, iridescent pink shot through with gold.  Used dry, it applies a sheer wash of glimmer.  Used with a fixant or wet, the color intensifies and the gold is amplified, yet the result is still delicate.  
A bit of Pink Gold, eyeliner, and mascara makes for a pretty eye look that gets me out of the door quickly.  Or, on those mornings when color combinations seem more daunting than I want to deal with, Pink Gold is the no brainer. Various sizes of this loose mineral shadow are available here
Used wet
Disclaimer:  I received Pink Gold in my January Eco Emi box, which I purchased.

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