Monday, February 11, 2013

Million Year Revitalizing Mud Mask by 7th Heaven

I received the Million Year Rivalizaing Mud Mask by 7th Heaven in my January Eco Emi box, and was taken with the colorful and informative packaging. This particular mask uses Rhassoul clay, which originates from within the Atlas Mountains in the northeastern region of Morocco.  Supposedly, Rhassoul clay is unmatched in it's ability to absorb impurities from the skin while imparting beneficial minerals. 
Other key ingredients are organic aloe vera leaf juice, honey, shea butter, juniper, elderflower, ginseng, and clove.  The mask is a pale blue in color and has a rather herbal/astringent scent. 
I was able to get two uses out of the packet and left the mask on for the recommended 20 minutes.  After rinsing, my skin felt clean and I do think after the first use it did draw the blackheads of my nose closer to the surface, making it easier to extract them.  I'm got oily, congested skin, so anything that can help in that area is welcome.  I did not find this mask to be particularly hydrating and my skin did not feel any softer afterwards, despite the honey and shea butter in the ingredient list. 
Overall, it performed like most clay masks I've tried in the past.  The packets are $2.99 each and there are six different varieties available, including the Clean Up Mud, Detox Mud, and White Thai Mud.  Free shipping is available for orders over $20 at 7th Heaven, which is not bad.  I like that they come in smaller packets and that a variety are available, as it makes it easy to try them all if so inclined!

Disclaimer:  I received this in my Eco Emi box, which I purchased.

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  1. When I first read it I thought I saw $20 for EACH! Then I read it slowly and saw 2.99. Haha.

    I have a big problem with blackheads so something that can bring them up? I'm all over that!