Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Artist Plexi-Gloss 304, 202, and 100P by Make Up For Ever: Sample Series #9

I don't own many Make Up For Ever products, not really sure why.  In fact, I'm pretty sure all the ones I do have were GWP's or samples from Sephora, such as this sampler of Artist Plexi-Glosses.
These glosses are supposed to be glossy and long lasting, and they do deliver on those claims.  They are also thick and sticky, which will probably be a deal breaker for many.  I've no longer got long hair for the wind to blow in my face, so I'm a little more tolerant on those counts than I used to be.
Red Coral (304) gives the most color bang for the buck from this trio, although it still sheers out on the lip. I like this glossy coral red.
Sweet Pink (202) is a milky salmon pink that provides high shine and I used it to top a darker pink lip shade below.
Pearly Light Beige (100P) provides shimmer in a sheer beige base, and below I'm wearing it over Revlon's Candy Apple lip butter.  I do like how high gloss it is although it's not particularly unique.
Wear time for these was a strong 4 hours sans eating and my lips felt hydrated and comfortable during that time.  So, if you can tolerate a thicker and more sticky gloss, these may be worth checking out.  At $19, there are an impressive 35 colors to chose from, including a navy and a black!

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