Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in Tasty

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Tasty is the second of the Super Shock Cheek highlighters I purchased back in June.  Why does that seem so long ago?  I loved my other choice in the iridescent Monster (review here), and Tasty reeled me in with it's coral toned color.
If you are not familiar with ColourPop and their growing stable of products, you should be.  They get my vote for fun and well performing beauty products at a reasonable price.  The blushes/highlighters are $8 while eyeshadows (reviews here and here) and lipstix (reviews here and here) are $5.
The cream to powder formula is easy to apply with fingers, although I buff Tasty with a brush after applying.  This helps with smoothing out pigment that settles into larger pores, something I experience with this type of formula.
As you can see, there is a lovely pink sparkle hanging out in Tasty, although it's not super obvious unless the light hits it just right.  I'm a bit sparkle averse (said pores and all), so I apply Tasty first, buff it out, and then apply a more matte blush like Clinique's Peach Pop on top.  This gives me just the right amount of luminosity, although those with better skin could probably get away with Tasty on it's own.
I don't need much to achieve color, and I find the formula wears a good 7-8 hours on my oily skin. Taking into account the incredibly hot and humid weather we've been experiencing (August in Mobile is um, hellish), and I'm guessing wear time will be better in cooler temps.

In both pictures I'm wearing Tasty layered with Clinique's Peach Pop blush on top.  I can see this becoming a go to combo for me when I'm craving peach coral cheeks.

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